Tengo una oferta que me ha llegado para ir a Inglaterra por 3.000 euros mes - Empresas y empleo Debates en Foro Transportistas

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    Tengo una oferta que me ha llegado para ir a Inglaterra por 3.000 euros mes


      HOLA espero que las vacaciones os hayan sentado bien
      Tengo una oferta que me ha llegado a mi personalmente para ir a INGLATERRA
      COMO YO NO PUEDO IR , os la dejo a vosotros para que el quiera ir y pueda ,OJO !! MINIMO INGLES YA QUE TE HACEN ENTREVISTA POR TELEFONO , aunque hablan en español, pero sin un básico no te cogen, las condiciones no están mal, unos 3000€ mensuales , bueno os pongo la carta ya que me contrataban pero no voy ya que estoy bien en Francia y ahora volver a buscarme la vida ....en fin no lo desaprovechéis ya que el curro es bueno y pagan por semana , ya que es el sistema de allí ,ademas de dietas y las primeras semanas en Londres
      HGV Class 1 Driver Job Offer UK
      Katarzyna Tajstra
      ago 18 a las 7:27 PM
      Dear Christian,
      My name is Katarzyna Tajstra. We have just spoken on the phone about Class 1 HGV Driver job position in the UK
      Please find attached the HGV Driver Terms and Agreement. If you need more information or have any doubts do not hesitate to contact me. My mobile number is +44 07983566189.
      At the beginning of your stay in UK you don’t need to worry about the accommodation, since it will be provided during first three weeks as well as the assessment service to help you to start driving HGV Class 1 lorries in the UK. You will have an opportunity to get familiarised with the lorry you are going to work with, the instructor will provide you with all the information and help you need.
      When you pass the assessment, you are going to be moved to Liverpool/Manchester area, close to the company you are going to work for, just as I have explained to you over the phone. The best option usually is to book a flight to London Stansted or Luton (there are many cheap flights) on Sunday. We need you to come on Sunday 30th of August.
      You will need to bring with you to the UK 150 £ to cover accommodation and transport service. We will pick you up from the airport and take you to our accommodation close to Birmingham, where the assessment and familiarisation period will take place. It is also worth to mention that during the next two weeks we will cover accommodation costs for you (85 £ per week), they are going to be deducted from your salary when you have already earn enough money to maintain yourself. After this period, you will have to decide if you want to live in our accommodation or find your own room/flat. We will provide you with all the support, giving you references, advice where you can find an apartment, etc. This is permanent and full time position, you will be employed and paid by our client company, not the agency. As we discussed over the phone, you will gain at least 525 £ per week after the taxes (working 6 days per week, day shifts).
      If you are interested in this positon, I would appreciate if you could send me the following documents (it may be a photo or scan) as soon as possible:
      - ID or Passport
      - Driving License
      - DQC
      - Digi card
      - Criminal Records Certificate
      As soon as you send me these documents, I will email you to confirm our job offer, so that you can start looking for the cheapest option to fly to UK.
      I am looking forward to hearing from you.
      Best regards,

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    • Gracias por compartirlo, compañero. Que te vaya bien lejos de tu tierra
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    • Busco trabajo para chofer de camion c+e o autobuses, tengo todas categorias del carne e el CAP. Tengo papeles Espanholes en regla, nie e seguridad s.
      Com 44 anos de edad e 20 de experiência...
      Contactos: 00351910209409 o paulofernandes1970@hotmail.com
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    • Hola a todos!Busco trabajo de conductor de autobus,me llamo Claudio tengo 37 años con todos los carnet y papeles en regla.si alguien se entera de algo que contacte conmigo la nr 642837157 o claudiupulbere5@gmail.com. ..Gracias
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